Captain Mark Howe


Captain Mark Howe, Director of Education Programs

Mark Wakeman Howe, who has spent nearly a lifetime on or near the ocean. Beginning with a biology degree from Stanford University in 1964, including a quarter in residence at the Hopkins Marine Station in Pacific Grove in 1963, Mark spent 4 years as a Marine Corps artillery officer, including a year and a half in the Republic of Vietnam. He returned for a 10 year career developing a program which ultimately became the Orange County Ocean Institute at Dana Point.

In 1979, with his fascination for sail power at sea, he experimented with development of a sailing marine lab for students. He also created a successful college program for study of island ecosystems by sailing vessel. He worked tirelessly to train large numbers of ordinary folks to be able to captain their own sailboat safely and confidently at sea with the knowledge and skills they needed to do so.

Mark’s greatest love is to see the look of satisfaction on the face of a student who has achieved the dream of visiting the sea on an equal footing with the creatures that live there.

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