Certification Information for Chartering

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To qualify for chartering Aventura boats, it will be necessary for you to pass both written and on-the-water examinations. Aventura`s vessels are inboard auxiliaries with wheel steering and are berthed in slips with narrow channels.  Check the slip maps and observe docking conditions personally if you have questions about what boat handling skills will be required of you.

The Standard Certification exams include information covered in Aventura’s Basic Sailing course and qualify you for chartering boats from 28-32 feet in length. Chartering 32’ vessels may require 3 to 5 charters on a 28′-30′ vessel, depending on experience and skills.  There is no additional written examination for this.

Special Certification for vessels larger than 32 feet requires additional exams covering areas of advanced seamanship such as contained in Aventura`s Advanced Sailing Course and Syllabus, Chapman’s classic “Sailing, Seamanship and Small Boat Handling” and Colgate’s Basic and Cruising texts.