Coastal Navigation Course

Nav Front Cover

During our Coastal Navigation courses, students are introduced to navigation of coastal areas, including use of a chart, planning a cruise, dead reckoning a position and fixing a position by means of a compass and two landmarks.  Also covered is navigation under conditions of reduced visibility, reading navigational aids, use of a GPS and position plots when only one landmark is observable.

This Navigation Course will not only make you feel more comfortable on local excursions, but also fulfills our prerequisite for multiple day charters. Take this course in three weekly evening sessions, or a single day.

The three day Lab course is held from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM weekdays.

I. Dead Reckoning, Plotting a Course
II. Fixing a Position
III. Electronic Navigation, Planning a Cruise

It is also possible to take the course at home or on one of our cruising classes. This Correspondence Navigation class uses the Course Syllabus which contains worksheet problems with answers. When you feel you are proficient enough to get correct answers using the worksheets, take the exam and email the answers using the instructions provided.

Refer to the Course Schedule in this section for dates and pricing. Call the office today for more information or to reserve your classroom seat! 949.493.9493

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