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One of the challenges for many new sailors is how to get the confidence to make that first voyage to Catalina. There have been many Aventura fleet sails across the channel; some were billed as for first-timers, but never such a specially designed program as our new 1-2-3 Catalina cruising program.

The program begins after graduation from the basic sailing program with encouragement to get involved in day charters with other members. Possibilities include social sails, racing, and family charters with security blankets called Shadow Sailors. During these experiences you begin to hear the stories about Catalina cruising.

A requirement for multiple day charters is passing Aventura’s navigation exam, so this becomes number one in the 1-2-3 series leading to cruising. Navigation classes are offered approximately every two months.

Number two in the series is learning about Catalina cruising during a seminar. This program provides an overview of planning, executing and enjoying the cruise.

Number three is an actual fleet sail to Catalina. Not only will you sail together in a group of boats with knowledgeable and experienced members, you’ll also have an expert fleet captain available to mentor and guide you through your first cruising experience. You’ll be free to enjoy the island and group social gatherings without the stress of being alone or uncertain about your new sailing/cruising skills.

From this first cruising experience may come years of adventures in the California Channel Islands and maybe even islands in the Caribbean and Mediterranean. And it all begins with these first steps, as easy as 1-2-3.

Set Sail For Catalina Island
Here’s A Package To Get You Ready NOW!
It’s as easy as 1… 2… 3!!!
1. Coastal Navigation
2. Cruising Catalina Island Seminar
3. Fleet Sail

1. Coastal Navigation: Required for overnight charters and offshore island trips.

I.  Dead Reckoning / Plotting
II.  Fixing a Position
III.  Cruise Planning / Electronic Navigation

2. Cruising Catalina Island Seminar

What an adventure! Sail your own boat to Catalina Island! Go places the shuttle never goes! You’ll learn all you need to know to have a great time at Catalina!

Call the office for reservations! THIS IS A VERY POPULAR CLASS.

3. Fleet Sails: Check Club Calendar and Newsletter for Scheduled trips