Private Sailing Lessons


Feel better with the personal attention of one of our instructors on a boat? Have specific things you want to brush up on? Need a special time? Want a lesson with just you and your family, or special friends? For whatever reason you want, we can provide a 3 hour private session  with one of our instructors on one of our boats, at a time convenient for you.

Basic Sailing Lessons*

Our Basic Sailing Lessons consists of instruction designed for the student with limited or no experience in sailing and will qualify members for chartering. You will exercise practical sailing skills aboard 30ft boats, with emphasis on sailing maneuvers, docking procedures and “man-overboard” recovery techniques.

Advanced Sailing Lessons *

Our Advanced Sailing Lessons are designed for the student with experience on 30ft to 32ft keelboats with inboard engines and wheel steering You will exercise advanced sailing skills aboard 33ft to 34ft. boats with emphasis on sailing techniques, sail shape and trim, docking, mooring and anchoring procedures, night navigation, marine electronics, heavy weather seamanship and use of the sextant in navigation.


*You can take a 3-hour private lesson on either subject area, at any time with a USCG licensed Captain. Depending on your personal expertise, certification may be possible with 1 to 3 lessons.  You are encouraged to bring crew to help and may even share a lesson with other students if you wish. Arrangements must be made through the office at the convenience of the instructor.


Call the office to schedule a time and date 949.493.9493.