Shadow Sailor Program



Shadow Sailors are simply volunteer Aventura members who have chartered boats, taken classes, and have a proven record of good seamanship.

Shadow Sailors are not instructors by license, but should be able to describe the multiple aspects of sailing, have the ability to recognize any unsafe situations, and be able to offer redirection to prevent an accident or damage to the charter boat. They neither charge for their services nor contribute to the expenses of the boat. They are a security blanket!

The Shadow Sailor program was developed to offer a newly certified sailor, or one who has not chartered for a long time, a way to gain confidence to charter a boat. They will encourage you, answer your questions, and talk you through maneuvers you feel unsure of. The Charterer may not offer or give compensation to them. You are responsible for your boat: making reservations, the boat checkout, all your paperwork, and the charges incurred thereby.

Why do Shadow Sailors do this? They love sailing, they are proud of being an Aventura member, and they want others to have the confidence to get out on the water with as little angst as possible.

If you want to BECOME a Shadow Sailor, contact the club office with a little resume of your sailing experience and we will have you added to our list. You should include your basic availability, i.e., Sat only, weekdays, after 5pm, etc.

If you NEED a Shadow Sailor, call the office to obtain a list of available Sailors.. You must make all contacts and arrangements, and your Shadow will find you!